Mrs. Buchanan’s knowledge in stress management, the ways to reduce it, and grounding techniques helped in my personal and professional life. Judy was there on OC day. That was awesome and it allowed most, as well as myself to not be as stressed.
— Frederick Police Department
My Reiki sessions with Judy were very enlightening, Judy is such positive energy and has only helped me become more positive and focused, myself. I was very curious about Reiki and Judy was more than happy to share her knowledge about it with me.
— Alice K.
If you’ve never experienced a Reiki session with Judy Buchanan, you are missing out on something truly amazing! Judy is an incredibly powerful and compassionate conduit of healing energy that has far reaching results. I highly recommend her!
— Cathie C.
As a sensitive healthcare practitioner, I am generally cautious about who I trust to work on me. So I’m not being flippant when I say Judy is phenomenal! She is compassionate, intuitive, and most importantly, a highly skilled practitioner. My Reiki sessions with Judy have been profound and I can’t wait to continue my health journey with her.
— Lynne R.
Yesterday I had a wonderful Reiki session with Judy Buchanan. Not only was it a healing experience but it also gave me so much to reflect on. If you’re feeling drained or a little overwhelmed, put those brakes on and get yourself a little self care!
— Julie H.
I had the best night of sleep last night!!! Thank you so much for the Reiki session; I am looking forward to my next one. My hot flashes have even slowed down in frequency and are not as intense. It is just amazing to me how simple it is to get control of something gone wild when you have the right assistance. Thank you Judy for helping me.
— Sandy P.
Last week I fell and injured my shoulder. I was having quite a bit of pain and couldn’t lift my arm unless I pushed it up with my other arm. Two days after the injury I had a session with Judy. My arm was completely healed in that session. When I got off the table I could lift my arm and the pain was 99% gone. A couple of days after that and the pain is completely gone. If you haven’t had a Reiki session, you are missing out on a life-changing experience. Thank you Judy!
— Susan H.
I had my first Reiki session with Judy yesterday, and quite frankly it was a life changing experience. She is absolutely fantastic at what she does.
— Janelle H.
I really enjoyed my Reiki II class. Judy has a way of explaining everything so effortlessly. She truly lives and loves Reiki. I am honored to have met her and to learn from her.
— Christina S.
During our phone appointment, I laid comfortably in my bed with Judy on speaker phone guiding the way. I could actually “feel” her hands on me and the energy moving through me. It was as if she were in the room with me…Judy’s gift is powerful! I highly recommend her to anyone needing energy work and healing.
— Lisa M.
Judy, I really cannot thank you enough for the support surrounding my knee surgery. It was invaluable! My strongest memory of the surgery itself will always be hearing the nurse say, “She has her Reiki practitioner with her,” as I was waking up from surgery.
— Mary M.