“You have been assigned this mountain so that you can show others it can be moved.” - Mel Robbins


One-on-One Resiliency Coaching

Although stress is an inevitable part of our lives, not many of us are given the proper tools to deal with it. Some of us develop harmful coping mechanisms, such as diving into our work, emotional eating, and neglecting self-care.

Without guidance, being unable to mitigate stress in a healthy way can cause long-term damage to the mind and body, potentially leading to serious health issues in the future. I understand because I’ve been through it. As a former Army officer and mother of two that has been though multiple surgeries and dealt with chronic pain, I was finally able to regain balance by taking ownership of my stress and learning how to mitigate it. (You can learn more about my story here.)

With one-on-one Resiliency Coaching, I dedicate myself to one client for the entire session as we delve into healthier ways they can deal with stress that help them regain balance, creating the essential foundation for them to live their fullest life.

During our session, I invite you to speak openly about yourself and your life. I cultivate a safe space that encourages us to explore where you’re experiencing stress, and why. We work on identifying triggering events or situations that cause negative emotions to come up, blocking the flow of positive energy within us.

I work with you to get to the roots of these triggers, and recommend practical mind-body techniques that will help you increase your self-awareness, mitigate your stress, and begin the process of healing.

My approach to healing in this respect is multidimensional. Although I am a certified Medical Reiki Master, I think it is important to consider as many holistic modalities as possible, not just reiki. I recommend specific techniques based on you, your specific triggers, and your personality. This can range from meditation to diet and many others!

If you are ready to take an active role in building the skill of resiliency, and learn ways to thrive rather than survive, I would love to see how I can help!