Become Aware of Stress

Stress and trauma are inevitable parts of life for all of us. For veterans, first responders, and other professionals whose careers involve them running towards danger, stress is intertwined into the very nature of their job. As a former Army soldier, I understand this way of life.

The importance of being able to mitigate stress is vital in an age where toxic stress has become normal for many. For anyone, dealing with prolonged toxic stress is painful, no matter who they are or how “tough” they appear to be. If left unchecked, it can cause dramatic changes in the brain and body, and in some cases, severe health issues.

The big thing to understand about stress is that it’s a pattern buildup. When we are hurt, our body copes by entering survival mode. This mode builds up “armor” to protect us from being hurt again, which means we are surviving - but it keeps energy blocked and immobile inside of us, which means we are not thriving. We retreat into ourselves and become sick instead of living our best life and pursuing our goals with excitement.

To start healing, we need to bring the energy back and keep it moving. If we don’t consciously allow it to move, it keeps us stuck in survival mode and much more susceptible to the negative effects of stress.

So What Can We Do?

So how can we get this energy moving and become more resilient in the face of stress? First and foremost, our efforts need to be purposeful. Battling stress is not as simple as just “getting over it”.

Self-awareness is also very important. Every individual person processes their own stress in a different way, which means that there are no simple “one-size-fits-all” blanket solutions.

As your Resiliency Coach, it is my mission to guide you towards healing by first sparking awareness within yourself and get you to start noticing when and how stress affects you. Self-awareness of your own patterns is imperative to start breaking them down and begin the process of healing.

The next step is education, where I provide practical advice that empowers you to start healing and get on the path to lasting tranquility. There are no band-aid solutions when you work with me! Whether I am working with one person or 100, I cultivate a safe space where we can explore these vulnerable issues with compassion. At the end of each session or lecture, every person is able to leave with practical strategies they can use today to start mitigating stress and become more calm and effective in their life and career!