Reiki for Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Postpartum

Science has proven our response to stress not only impacts the mother, but the growing baby as well. Using techniques to minimize your stress response during pregnancy and childbirth can have a profound effect on your child's long term health. 

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ gives you the tools to create your dream birth.

  • Learn techniques to create deep relaxation to the core of your being

  • Practice accessing your body's innate knowledge on how to birth with ease

  • Visualize your dream birth

  • Learn specific tools for birthing partner involvement

What is Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™?

Reiki-infused prenatal practices for pregnancy and childbirth. The purpose is to empower the mother and partner to find the answers within themselves and prepare for a natural childbirth.

We manifest our reality by what we think and feel about a situation. Often those feelings are long forgotten, and yet they heavily influence our experience. This is true about birth. 

Recorded in the cells of our bodies are the feelings of our own birth: anger, fear, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, and disempowerment to name a few. The birth of previous children loved ones’ births, others’ stories, births we have viewed in the media, and our own birth together weave the tapestry of our experience. All affect the outcome of our births.

During Sacred Childbirth with Reiki sessions, the practitioner uses Reiki to help you create calm and a flow of energy throughout your body to facilitate you manifesting the birth you desire. You will learn natural breathing rhythms, visualizations, and affirmations to access ancient natural birthing wisdom in your body. 

Then, using Reiki, the practitioner guides you through practice birthing sessions creating new, positive, vibrantly peaceful pathways for the birthing energy to flow. This new way of birthing is encoded in the cellular memory of the mother’s body. When the birth takes place, the energy flows along those pathways, creating a peaceful, empowering experience for baby and parents.

Couples learn that the baby also manifests experiences it needs to have to do its life work. It is the parents’ job to prepare, to assist and support the baby, and to use those tools as the birth unfolds. They are then able to rest in the knowing that however the birth happens, it is absolutely perfect and in Divine order. 

Empower yourself to manifest a peaceful pregnancy and an effortless, drug-free birth filled with serenity to welcoming your child to this world in a sacred way.

Reiki supports all phases of childbirth!

Reiki is a complementary therapy that is non-invasive and has no contraindications. This therapy is easily executed in collaboration with midwives, birth doulas and other medical professionals.

I recommend 2-3 Sacred Childbirth with Reiki sessions prior to birth.