Reawaken your Natural Resiliency Broadcast on Elevated Radio FM


Session One (10 min)

I am interviewed by Rick Delgado of Elevated Radio about my journey into Reiki, including my past as an Army soldier, how reiki helped me define and mitigate my stress responses, and how I use what I learned to help others release pain and live a fuller life.

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Session Two (30 min)

I am interviewed by Rick about Reiki and its role in the current environment in western medicine, including how it is offered in cancer treatment centers as a complementary therapy.

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Session Three (30 min)

In this interview I speak about Medical Reiki and how it is a protocol in the practice of integrated medicine. This non-invasive supportive treatment can be used in the hospital setting anyone who experiencing surgery, a medical procedure, childbirth or illness. I also speak about resiliency and how I mitigated my post traumatic stress reaction through the use of the emotional freedom technique (EFT) and Reiki.

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Session Four (30 min)

In this interview I speak about physiological effects of the stress response and why energy practices like Reiki are so beneficial in mitigating and relieving stress. I discuss how I conduct distance or proxy Reiki sessions.

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Session Five (30 min)

In this interview I speak about how I came to be a Reiki practitioner and how you to can learn the skill set of Reiki.

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Session Six (30 min)

In this interview I discuss how energy affects you and how to alleviate panic and anxiety attacks. You will also learn about how Reiki is used to support you through pregnancy and childbirth.

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Session Seven (30 min)

I am interviewed by Rick to help you understand more about my story and how chronic stress affects your body. I answer a caller’s question regarding how Reiki can be used to support chronic or extreme pain.

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Session Eight (30 min)

In this interview I discuss the energy of our bodies and answer Dina’s question, “Can Reiki can support healing a chronic disease such as Lyme?”

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 The Joy Factor Podcast

A podcast dedicated to helping you create a path to joyful living, each and every day.

I speak with therapist, life coach and yoga teacher Julie Hanson about restoring peace and harmony, and how I help empower women to safely release pain to feel better and thrive. (30 min)

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Locations of Previous Lectures

Frederick Police Academy

Frederick Memorial Hospital Home Health Nursing Services

Women’s Business Network

Frederick County Library System Adult Education Program and Employee Wellness Program

Frederick Chamber of Commerce Wellness at Work Program/ Lecture Series

Frederick Community Hospital Employee Health and Wellness Program

Frederick Community Bank Employee Wellness Program

Fort Detrick United States Army Medical Materiel Development Agency’s Stress Free Zone

Frederick Community College Employee Wellness Fair

Roots and River Yoga Studio

Illuminate Festivals